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Exporter of Loose Weight Scale in Somalia

Exporter of Loose Weight Scale in Somalia

Company Overview:

Alexandra Scale Co. is a leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Loose Weight Scale in Somalia.

Since 1952, Alexandra Scale Company has specialized in producing a variety of weighing machines including Mechanical Weighing Machines, Electronic Weighing Machines, and Counter Scales.

The company commits to offering premium products designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals pursuing healthier lifestyles.

Alexandra offers a broad selection of weight management solutions with diverse formulations aimed at achieving optimal results.

Emphasizes quality, innovation, and the integration of the latest advancements in nutritional science.

Dedicated to continuous research and development, ensuring products reflect the latest scientific advancements.

Uses premium ingredients known for their effectiveness in supporting weight loss efforts.

Provides comprehensive resources and support to empower customers on their weight loss journey.

Features of Loose Weight Machine:

High Sensitivity: Precision workmanship makes the machine highly sensitive.
Portability: Lightweight and equipped with four wheels for easy mobility.
Durable Finish: Duco painted for a durable, streamlined finish.
Robust Design: Features a casted one-piece box design for maximum strength and stability.
Secure during Transport: Equipped with four locks on the lever to prevent re-adjustment during transportation.
Easy Readability: Fitted with an easily readable steelyard graduated in metric weight standards.
Insect-Resistant: Steel pillars offer resistance to insects, unlike wooden pillars.
Lockable Steelyard: Includes a feature for locking the steelyard to facilitate easier transport.
Adjustable Balance: Balance can be adjusted with screw operation in accordance with weights and measures regulations.
Durability and Accuracy: Working parts hardened up to 62 RC to ensure durability and accuracy.

Service Coverage:

Alexandra Scale Co. is Exporter of Loose Weight Scale in Somalia Including Awdal, Bakool, Banaadir, Bari, Bay, Galguduud, Gedo, Hiraan, Jubbada Dhexe, Jubbada Hoose, Mudug, Nugaal, Sanaag, Shabeellaha Dhexe, Shabeellah Hoose, Sool, Togdheer, Woqooyi Galbeed, Mogadishu, Boorama, Hargeisa, Berbera, Kismayo, Merca, Ruqi, Baidoa, Cabudwaaq, Burao, Gebiley, Bosaso.

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